Reach Out Worldwide is an official 501(c)(3), non-profit disaster relief organization. ROWW was co-founded by actor and producer, Paul Walker, who together with a team of professionally trained and skilled friends, descended into the aftermath of the monumental earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010.

As a world traveler, Paul had been witnessing the intense impact of disasters in some of his favorite locations.

“I’m a doer, and whether it was the tsunami in Sri Lanka or the earthquake in Indonesia, I was always saying, I should be there; I should be helping out.”

Upon arriving in Haiti, Paul and his team developed a strategy: “as soon as we hit, we want to be as effective as possible.”  When a disaster strikes, seconds can make the difference between life and death. The team quickly learned that preparation and utilization of smaller tactical groups created greater mobility, therefore accelerating successful execution of their relief efforts. This approach became the core mission of Reach Out Worldwide.


From our inception in Haiti, Reach Out Worldwide, also known as ROWW, has continued to expand by initiating and participating in multiple rescue missions around the world. Our unique approach to disaster relief includes: cultivating a global database of professionally trained and certified first responders, such as: doctors, nurses, emergency management technician’s, paramedics, firefighters, logistics coordinators (specialists), and equipment operators. This prepared, on call network of specifically skilled volunteers allows Reach Out Worldwide’s rescue teams to optimize efficiency and mobility, often navigating remote and isolated disaster areas, where the most critical and immediate relief efforts are needed. The deployed team then works side-by-side with local medical outlets and agencies to augment the existing systems for emergency protocol and recovery.

ROWW arrives ready to ease the survivors’ pain, disperse clean water, medicine and other basic necessities to bring hope in the bleakest of circumstances. In Alabama, it was helping clear debris from roads and properties so people could get back into their homes. In Indonesia, it was restoring the people back to health. In Chile, it was both of those. Whatever it takes to help the local authorities and agencies expedite that process, ROWW offers expertise and support to help with the restoration to normalcy.

With any disaster event deployment, ROWW’s philosophy  is: “by making a difference in just one person’s life, the world has been changed for the better, whether in mainstream USA or remote island chains with no media attention.”

Upon withdrawing from the disaster area, the team’s impact continues, leaving behind a legacy of collective skills and knowledge that have empowered the local people, their government, and all agencies who will continue to execute preparedness for future events.


Reach Out Worldwide continues to evolve as a leader in the disaster relief sector by incorporating the latest medical practices, logistical operations, incorporating tooling and equipment, and prudently aligning with  teams of professionals who are accomplished in their industries and fields of expertise.

 “We’re only on the earth for a short period of time. I want to take my success and parlay it into something bigger and better. As a father, my hope and goal is to help create a sustainable organization that will endure for the benefit of future generations. You put goodwill out there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished”.

Paul Walker

Co-Founder Reach Out Worldwide


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  1. Inspired by Paul and have so much motivation to help change the world for the better and to one day volunteer with ROWW! We can keep his spirit and memory alive, by continuing his goals and dreams. Together we can make a difference. Thank you Paul for your dedication and your humbleness.

  2. I was heartbroken to hear about the passing of Paul Walker. He seemed to have been such a genuinely good human being who cared about his fellow man. Thanks to him and everybody who founded as well as work for this organisation many people will have a chance to live better lives. Because of this, his legacy will never be forgotten. God Bless him and may he rest in peace in heaven.

  3. It broke my heart when I was told of Paul Walkers death on Saturday. To hear of such an amazing giving man like Paul losing his life left me speechless. How could this happen to someone who was so giving to others. He did so much for so many people and was taken from us way to soon. My prayers go out to his daughter and his girlfriend. I cannot imagine being in there shoes. I am so sorry for Meadows loss 😦 it can’t be easy to lose your father so young. I am heartbroken for her… and his girlfriend, I am so so so sorry words cannot express my sadness. I wish I could say something to help you through this hard time. My heart goes out to you both. And to his father, you raised an amazing son and should be so proud. He was unbelievably generous and so giving to others.

    Paul watches over you now and will hold you in his arms.

  4. I came to know about ‘ROWW’ when i read about Paul Walker’s accomplishments.. but i’m so heart broken right now to hear that a great human being who did so much to so many had to leave so soon without a proper goodbye. yet i thought to myself, if he can do so much, we too can learn and do so very much for others. Paul Walker left behind a great legacy, now it is up to everyone to act upon it.. because life is short for every one of us. I give all my blessings to ‘ROWW’ and my deepest sympathies to Paul’s family and friends. ‘May god bless you all and our beloved friend Paul, and may he rest in peace’
    God bless

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