Easter Close To Home

Each mission is unique, each mission changes circumstances for someone, and each mission changes something in the team. Good Friday was vastly different than our traditional disaster missions, but one none-the-less, that still made a difference both in the lives of those we helped, and in ours.  One of the fundamental foundations of Reach Out Worldwide is the drive to fulfill the needs of others during overwhelming circumstances.  Though we weren’t out in a disaster zone, we found a need locally that we felt compelled to meet.


For many children; too many, in fact; holidays are a reminder of the things they don’t have rather than a time of celebration and fun.  Emptiness often sits in place of cherished childhood traditions when families just don’t have the financial ability to provide. It was our goal this year to help change some of that in the lives of some really great kids.   We wanted them to have the best Easter experience they could have, so we partnered with the Mid Valley YMCA to put together a fun-filled event. With the help of donations from the community, Reach Out Worldwide brought stuffed animals, candy, and smiles to 50 preschool children.  They participated in an Easter egg hunt, won prizes, ate goodies, and showed that glimmer of hope that belongs in every child’s eyes.



The “The children were so amazing…They appreciated everything! Originally each child was going to participate in an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and the reward was 6 Jelly Beans a piece, but we wanted to give them a little more. We had stuffed animals, toys, candy and we brought a long some STIHL hats, I think the kids liked the hats the best!”  ~ROWW staffer 


The happiness, the smiles, something so seemingly simplistic to adults, really grows into so much more in the mind of a child.  We were able to see the light, the wonder, and hope in the eyes of these kids during this Easter event, mission accomplished.


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