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It’s a chilly, rainy day in December and for Los Angeles, is a bit unique for an area plagued with sunshine and perfect temperatures.  The crew begins loading the trucks full of holiday gifts including children’s toys, stuffed stockings, and hygiene items for one of our local charities.

It’s not an overseas mission geared in disaster relief, not one where there are tents set up and triage stations.  It may not even appear to be a disaster at all, but the truth of the matter is there are personal disasters experienced by people in our own communities.  Disasters silent to the general public, ones not defined by shattered windows.  Instead, it’s a shattered home, a shattered heart, shattered lives stricken with abuse, neglect, illness, joblessness, poverty, and more circumstances beyond comprehension.  When the holiday season rolls around, families experiencing the effects of these personal disasters often experience a bleak outlook during a time that many tend to celebrate.  Parents lack the funds to provide gifts for their children, families are struggling to afford the basic necessities, which leaves a feeling of emptiness and lost hope.  We wanted to help make a difference in these lives.



During this time, ROWW partnered with as many local organizations as we could to help them gather presents and supplies and provide a bit of cheer during the holiday season. Thank you for all the wonderful support and help from our amazing volunteers, it was an honor to connect with so many great organizations that do such beautiful, selfless work.

When we head out to serve the people who find themselves in the midst of disaster, we often do not have the opportunity to understand what happened in the hearts of those we helped.  This holiday season, we were honored to receive some feedback from organizations we partnered with.  We thought we would share a few with you, so that you see what kind of impact your donation dollars and fundraising dollars are making in the lives of others.

“On behalf of our adolescent clients, Circle of Help Foundation would like to thank Reach Out Worldwide again for your continued support and contributions. Your donations of stockings filled with candy for every child, as well as personal grooming products for our adult clients made a brighter holiday seasons for the clients which we serve.” ~Circle of Help Foundation


  “On behalf of the Newton Police Activities League, I would like to sincerely thank you for making a donation of children’s toys which has been utilized in the Newton Area Toy Giveaway.  This year we were able to give toys to 820 children from our community.  It is only with generous gestures from large-hearted people like yourself that our Newton Police Activities League has been able to undertake and accomplish various community activities like this.” ~ Newton Police Activities League


“In my years working at Montecito Heights Recreation Center, I have never seen the people of the community so thankful for the gifts your organization brought us. And the gifts couldn’t have gone to more deserving and needing families then the ones that received them. For these families these were the only gifts they were going to receive this holiday season. Children crying, their faces streaming with tears of joy, is what makes this job all the more rewarding. And the parents, to be humbled by the act of kindness, to where I’m getting tear soaked hugs, means you not only helped out a couple of families, but uplifted the spirits of our entire community. “~ Montecito Heights Recreation Center 


Our sincere thank you to each one of our partners (visit our website for a list of current partners, our fundraising supporters, our donors, and followers.  We could not change lives if it weren’t for each one of you.


If you are new to Reach Out Worldwide, be sure you click the “About” button at the top of the page above the photos.  There you can learn where we started, who we are, and what we do.

We are bringing some exciting things your way in 2013! Our goal is centered around becoming a leader in worldwide disaster relief as well as incorporating what we do in our local and national communities.  We want to inspire people around the world to reach out, to get involved, and to be prepared for emergencies.  We also want to share more of what we’re doing with all of you who support us in so many ways, so that we can work together to impact and change lives.

You can see a variety of our Holiday 2012 photos on our Facebook page here:



9 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Thank you guys for all the work you do in helping make a positive difference in lives the world over,you’re truly inspiring and I pray you reach your ultimate goal of leading the way in disaster relief. Im honored to get to help out in whatever small way I can and THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking us along on your journey by opting to start a blog. #GodBlessYou and yours.Much Love #ROWWSupporter4Life 🙂

  2. Thank you, guys. The world surely needs you warm hearts. That’s what life is for; to good deeds to others in need. My prayers and thoughts be with you, and may God bless you all!

    To Paul Walker : beauty is not in the face. beauty is a light in the heart ~ kahlil gibran. I think you have both beauty 🙂 Love you!

  3. I always look forward to hearing what your team is up to. It is amazing how ROWW not only reaches out to help the world community and give of themselves in so many ways but you also inspire others to do the same. You guys ROCK!!

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  5. What a great way to REACH OUT and help the local communities. I’m sure a lot of people had a better holiday season because of ROWW. Sometimes “world” doesn’t mean thousands of miles away…it means ALL of the people, societies, and institutions on the earth. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us that together we can help make a positive impact in the world one life at a time through supporting charities like Reach Out Worldwide!

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